Boat Tours Split Excursions

Ever wanted to go on a fun boat trip? Forget about your troubles as you enjoy and discover the various boat excursions you can go on in Split!

Boat Tours Split Excursions

So I’m guessing you are here because you are interested in boat tours going from Split. Well then, you came to the right place. With our help you can choose which boat tour you would like to go on!

We are assuming you know what other tours in Split are available. If no, there’s a recent blog post talking about them. But we are here to focus on, as the title says, boat tours.

First why not start with a brief history about Split. This Adriatic coast line town became quite a sensation among fans of the popular TV series “Game of Thrones“. Several shots were filmed including one of Daenerys’s dragons in Diocletian’s palace basements.

Seeing as how the town grew in popularity many tours including boat tours, adventure tours and explorer tours were constantly getting booked. The most prominent ones being boat tours, after all, Split is a coastal town with plenty of nearby islands and sights to see that’s just a boat ride away. Whether you’re planning on visiting the charming Blue Lagoon to spend a day swimming and relaxing, or want to see and admire the famous Blue Cave near island Vis. There’s plenty of opportunities to decide upon to spend your Vacation on. Along with the fact you won’t run out of places to visit whilst Vacationing in Split town, as there are several islands you’ll need at least a day or two to see a part of.

Visiting Hvar

The most well known islands being Hvar, the so called “Party island” that hosts music festivals and various night long beach clubs during the hot Summer weather.

Visiting Vis

There’s also a relatively secluded island that is one of our favourites called “Vis”. The island a popular spot for island hopping due to the island possessing some of the cleanest beaches in all of Croatia. Whilst many people know of a different island like Hvar, Vis has it’s own charm that’s hard to miss that we urge you to visit and see for yourself.

Vis is a hidden gem if you’re looking for the perfect place for a romantic getaway for couples, as well as offering a relaxing spot for solo travelers to kick their feet up and relax. The main town on the island that shares the name “Vis” has a horseshoe shape, allowing you to see the entire town from any spot alongside it; offering quite the picturous sight that’s well worth snapping a photo of.

Another positive about Vis would be it’s secluded nature. You won’t find large overblown packaged hotel deals on here as most of the accommodations on the island are privately owned Airbnb’s and such. Vis also has a lot of vineyards across it’s land, not to mention crystal clear beaches littering the shoreline. The beauty of the island garnering so much attention that it attracted even movie producers; namely Mamma Mia’s producers to film the second installment on Vis island.

Visiting Brać

There’s also Brać island that’s the closest island to visit from Split. Brač is also the largest island on the Dalmatian coast. The island hosts several interesting sights, from a stonemasonry school to a native olive oil museum. There’s also an opportune time to take a photo of your time in Brač by snapping one atop a 778m high summit of Vidova Gora.

Visiting Korčula

Korčula is another island that prides itself on it’s natural large forest areas as well as for it’s lavender production. Whilst the island is quite a ways away, it’s certainly worth a visit just for the scenery. We do recommend staying overnight in order to see most of the islands beauty across a couple of days.

Another benefit to visiting Korčula would be the isolated nature of the island. Being constantly surrounded by nature instead of tourists like in most bigger cities. Korčula is also blessed with great weather throughout the year, mostly thanks to the mediterranean weather. The island offers also various unique experiences and tour offers to make your stay on the island even more eventful. Korčula receiving visitors from mainland Split and Dubrovnik by ferry mostly.

One of the most popular tours is:

Blue Cave

Blue Cave tour: Witness the originality and magnificence of the Blue Cave on Biševo Island. Enter inside Green Cave (optional) and float in Stiniva Cove, taking in the towering cliffs that encircle you. Strap on your diving mask and explore a thriving underwater world by Budikovac Island before nibbling on local specialties in Palmižana Bay.

Sign off your day with a stroll through the quaint streets of Hvar Town. Lined with Venetian palaces, a palm-dotted seafront, and bustling squares. On the return back to Split we stop at Milna for you to enjoy wine tasting of local wines.

Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon boat tour: In this boat tour you are going with a wooden big boat that is perfect for relaxing and enjoying the sights. After you depart from Split you will be cruising along the island Čiovo and the commonly known “Hell’s Islands” where there’s a chance to encounter dolphins and sea turtles; a bonus for any animal lovers out there 🙂

Boat Tours Split Excursions
After seeing the sights of Čiovo island you are gonna be going to Drvenik Veli Island to explore and swim in the main attraction of this boat tour, the “Blue Lagoon”. With it’s crystal clear water and gorgeous shallow sandy sea bay it is perfect for snorkeling, fishing, underwater photography, etc. that we are sure you’ll enjoy.

Sunset Sailing

Sunset sailing: Night sailing is a two hour cruise and it starts at 07.00 pm.
We will raise the sails and show you the beauty of the Adriatic and city of Split from the sea while you are enjoying top class indigenous Croatian wine, cheese and prosciutto.

Bol boat tour

Bol boat tour: This tour will take you to the most famous Croatian beach named the “Golden Horn”
With this trip we take you to Bol , picturesque port on the south coast of the Brač island.
Feel the charm of Dalmatian small town of Bol , beautiful streets , memorable pathway leading to the “Golden horn” beach … enjoy swimming on this unique beach .

Brač & Šolta boat tour

Brač Šolta boat tour: If you are a fan of relaxing and laying on those comfortable fun looking nets at the front of the boat you can’t go wrong with going on this catamaran boat tour. Excursion starts with catamaran cruise from Split to island Brač (quick stop at Supetar to embark more passengers), passing the small village Sutivan, and entering the hidden harbor of the dream village Bobovišće, perfect moment to take photos. In this beautiful hidden natural bay of island Brač we’ll make our first swim stop, and during the stop Summer Blues chicken salad for light lunch will be served.

Short Summary

If you prefer solitude and want to go alone or with a small group of friends/family on the previously mentioned tours you can always do a custom private tour.

All in all boat tours from Split are diverse ranging from fun to relaxing that will suit the young and the not so young 🙂
Never stop exploring and going on adventures whether it be going to a new place to eat or traveling to a foreign country like Croatia to go on boat tours, national park excursions or even just walk around Split’s Diocletian palace.

The Summer season making boat tours prevail as the most popular type of tours. Explore Adriatic coast with a speedboat, yacht or a catamaran; taking any possible chance to take a dip in the refreshing water to cool down. After all, Croatia has one of the cleanest crystal clear beaches in the world. Enjoy your Vacation to the fullest.

If you are curious about anything don’t hesitate to contact us with a form or an e-mail because we are always happy to help 🙂

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Boat Tours Split Excursions

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