Split wine olive tasting walking tour

Split wine olive tasting walking tour

What better way to explore and experience the history and culture of Split than with a professionally guided tour of Split?

Tour description:

Begin your tour by joining us on our adventure through the Diocletian Palaces intricate labyrinth like paths. Go out and explore with a small handful of people, learn and discover the history hiding behind the palaces walls with your professional tour guide 🙂

Additional info:

Estimated tour length: 2 hours
Starting Time: Upon request
Included in price: licensed guide, Wine tasting or olive oil tasting

Choose between two offers after exploring the Palace:

Offer 1: Olive Oil Tasting

Introduction to the ways of recognizing the olive oil quality and tasting of three different types of olive oil. Pairing with the fleur de sel, aceto balsamico and homemade bread from our oven, with a green olive paste.
Length: approx 45 min.

Offer 2: Wine Tasting

Presentation of the basic Croatian wine varieties and tasting of white and red Carakter wine (Malvazija and Plavac mali). Pairing with the fleur de sel, aceto balsamico and homemade bread from our oven, with marinated anchovies, mixed cheese and cow cheese with the fig jam.
Length: approx 60 min.

About Diocletian Palace:

Diocletian palace is a Roman architectural building, being one of the most well preserved ones in the world. The palace being built around the late 3rd and early 4th century A.D. Diocletian’s Palace was meant to be the emperor Diocletians luxurious summer home and a Roman military camp, divided in four parts and two main streets. The Emperors apartment, governmental and religious ceremonies taking place in the Southern part, whilst the Imperial guard, storage and servants were intended for the North part. Diocletian’s palace is rectangular (aprox. 215 x 180 meters) with four large towers at each corner, doors on each of the four sides called (Bronze, Silver, Gold and Iron). Over the centuries the inhabitants of the palace; later even the inhabitants of Split adapted it to suit them better but the outline of the palace is still clearly visible to this day.

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Split wine olive tasting walking tour

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