Wine tasting and walking tour in Split

Wine tasting and walking tour in Split

Tour Description:

What better way of having a taste of Croatian atmosphere than by tasting Croatian wine 🙂
Get ready for a unique hedonistic experience in the Diocletian’s 1700 year old Palace! Discover the peculiar segments of the Palace in this mix of two tours, walking tour and wine tasting tour. Taste and enjoy wine with a private sommelier who will assist you to detect various aroma’s in your wine glass. Some traditional Dalmatian snacks will make this experience even more authentic.

Additional info:

PRICE: per person from Split 310HRK / 42EUR
DEPARTURE TIMES: in Split: 10:30AM/12:30PM/6:00PM
LENGTH OF TOUR 3 hours and 30 minutes
INCLUDED: Personal Sommelier, Two glasses of white Croatian wine, Two glasses of red Croatian wine, Homemade aromatized bread with cheese, Licensed sommelier guidance, restaurant service, Walking tour with professional guide
EXCLUDED: Extra food and drinks

About Split

Split is one of many towns that reside in Croatia. The coastal town garnering quite a surge of popularity thanks to the TV show, Game of Thrones, being filmed inside the Diocletian Palace. The so called palace being one of Split‘s most popular attractions, along with the bountiful beaches surrounding the coastline.

For those curious about exploring this beautiful town, you won’t be left feeling disappointed as it holds plenty of sights that are not that well known but beautiful non the less. Explore and admire the various historic places, but most importantly have fun doing so! 🙂

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Wine tasting and walking tour in Split

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