Best things to see in Rijeka

Best things to see in Rijeka

Best things to do in Rijeka

Being the third largest town and port in Croatia, Rijeka has truly lived a long while. Rijeka belongs to the Primorsko-goranska administrative county. Whilst not as large as Zagreb or Split, Rijeka certainly has a huge community, reaching 191.641 citizens. Even in the past 19th century Hungary had an ideal geographical position and sea depth in the Kvarner reef to advance Rijeka into the most powerful industrial center. Whilst Rijeka is a beautiful town nowadays, the town put in a lot of work to get to where it is today.

Historical achievements Rijeka

Probably the most famous achievement Rijeka has is the first Torpedo. Made by Ivan Lupis, a Croatian navy captain and Robert Whitehead, an English engineer. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg of Rijeka’s historical achievements.

  • The first ever recorded flight of a bullet was done in Rijeka by dr. Peter Salcher.
  • The first ever match of football(soccer) in Croatia was played in Rijeka. The participants being workers of Hungarian railroads and English railroads against one another.
  • A Rijeka surgeon, Anton Grossich was the first to implement iodine tincture before an operative procedure in 1907.
  • The first utility graveyard in Europe was built in Rijeka on Kalvarij.
  • Rijeka has been an independent state since the 8th of September 1920. till 24th January 1924. because it’s then current president Riccardo Zanella was requesting international communities and Josip Broz. Tito for a renewal of independence.

Rijeka architecture

Most cities have Riva’s of sorts, Rijeka included. Korzo, the main street in town is littered with shops, cafes and various other things. Being placed parallel to the waterfront, providing some splendid views of the Adriatic; it’s safe to say that the place is bustling with activity. When you walk along thestreet long enough you’ll get a chance to see and admire the symbolic landmarks of Rijeka, the City Clock Tower and the Radio Rijeka building. Another bonus is that the city is littered with museums to explore. 🙂

Trsat Castle – As the name implies is a castle in Trsat, Croatia. It is also believed that the castle lies on an ancient Illyrian and Roman fortress. The castle also has a couple of churches inside, having a Croatian noble called Vuk Krsto Frankopan buried in one of em. Over the years the castle was completely reconstructed and renovated in the 19th century when the mausoleum of the military commander Laval Nugent was built in its interior. Nowadays the courtyard of the castle has been turned into a beautiful restaurant where you can enjoy some fine cuisine. 🙂
City Tower – Half way across the street Korzo this beautiful clock tower resides. The tower also has a couple of interesting details, like the eagle holding an overflowing urn in its talons. The urn is supposed to signify the city’s constant loyalty to the Austrian emperor.
Capuchin Church – When you visit Rijeka from the bus station you will surely notice the striped brick work which was due to the length of time required to build it; the design changing several times over the years. The church is famous for providing it’s visitors a gorgeous view from on top the twin staircases.

Interesting places to go to in Rijeka

After you explored and admired the architecture of the place you could surely go for something to eat. The “Zlatna Školjka” (The Golden Conch) is a perfect restaurant serving freshly caught seafood where you can choose a dinner and how to prepare it right there. It’s truly a restaurant that is bustling with Croatian charm and seafood.

Short summary of Rijeka

The cities all around Croatia are gaining popularity each passing year. Rijeka being famous for the Torpedo factory, city square, the castle and many other various things. Whilst there’s certainly more than the before mentioned things in Rijeka, there are just some of the best things about this beautiful town.

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Best things to see in Rijeka

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