Trogir walking tour from Split

Trogir walking tour from Split

Tour Description

Enjoy your day by going on an enlightening tour to an unique cultural heritage site close to Split. The old city Trogir was constructed on a tiny island, forming a part of the UNESCO World Heritage list as one of very few towns that are completely protected by UNESCO. After you explored and discovered the town a bit more thoroughly, you’ll be having lunch, getting a chance to taste the finest traditional specialties. Enjoy your free time in the city before heading back to Split. Where we’re sure you will have stories to tell to your friends/family.

Additional info:

PRICE: per person from Split 430HRK/59EUR
PRICE INCLUDES: Transportation, local guide in Trogir, entrance fee to the cathedral, insurance, VAT
RETURN TIME: Split 17:30


08:00/09:00 Starting point from Split – Riva
08:50 – 11:00 Sightseeing of UNESCO heritage in Trogir
12:00 – 13:00 Lunch time
13:00 – 17:00 Free time to explore Trogir
17:30 Return to Split

Recommendations: Dress casually and bring your camera and happy thoughts 🙂

About Trogir town

Trogir is one of Croatia‘s historical towns and harbours on the Adriatic coast in Split-Dalmatia County. The town having around 10,818 citizens (2011. count). Situated on a small island that is nestled between the Croatian mainland and the small island of Čiovo.

One of the interesting things about the town is that it is even included as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997. for it’s beautiful Venetian architecture. The town is only one of many that are bustling with life and filled with historical information that is just waiting to be uncovered.

Tourism is also Trogir‘s largest methods of income, making up even 50% of the municipal budget with well over 20,000 beds in hotels and private accommodations. It is one of the fastest growing ports for sail-tourism as well, boasting two yacht marinas. Those that enjoy fishing will also find it a great fishing area as the town has a strong fishing and agricultural tradition in surrounding areas.

For those wanting to see what Croatia is all about will surely not be disappointed by Croatia‘s towns. The beauty of Trogir is in it’s simplicity and several historic buildings that occupy it’s territory. Truly a marvel to see for anyone wanting to get to know Croatia more in depth.

What else to do in Croatia?

There’s plenty of towns and destination throughout Croatia that are worth spending some time in. Anything from visiting the various cities that litter it or going on a thrilling excursion from Split for instance. Explore the hidden wonders in Croatia and don’t let your vacation get tiresome, widen your horizons and experience something you haven’t before.

Try your hand in paddling down river rapids with Rafting or test your bravery and impress someone with ziplining several dozen meters off a zipline. There’s an abundance of tours and excursions from Split you can do whilst spending your time here. It’s only a matter of taking a leap and trying them yourself.


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Kamerlengo Castle

This historic castle/fortress is located on the Southwest edge of town Trogir. The oldest part of said fortress is the polygonal tower that originated from the fourteenth century, but the walls gain it’s reputable shape nowadays from the arrival of Venetian government. The building of the fortress was consulted by the state engineer “Lorenzo Picino“, but the execution was entrusted to protomagistar “Marin Radoj“. An interesting thing about the fortress is that it served as accommodation for the Venetian military crew.

What to do after Trogir

Exploring an old historical town that is brimming with historical architecture is an enjoyable experience. The wonders that await you on your adventure through Croatia are numerous. Whether you’d like to go on another walking tour through a historical city/town, go exploring one of various nature parks or enjoy an adrenaline fueled adventure tour, there’s something for everyone

Enjoy your vacation in Croatia with a multitude of different things. Anything from sightseeing to experiencing new thrills with various tours. Just take a moment to appreciate some of the tours like:

Rafting might just be the easiest and exciting tour to go on. Enjoy the rush of paddling down river rapids and test your bravery by jumping from a cliff into the river below. Truly a tour fit for anyone, enjoy it with friends/family!

People would usually squirm at the idea of hanging from a rope several hundred meters from the ground. Ziplining garnering quite a lot of reputation for making a great tour to go on to test your bravery and impress you friends/family with.

Widely regarded as one of the most beautiful sights in all of Croatia, Krka Waterfalls has garnered quite a reputation over the decades. Enjoy a relaxing trip to Krka Waterfalls and take in the sights.

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Trogir walking tour from Split