Excursions on Cruise Ships in Split

Excursions on Cruise Ships in Split

Excursions on Cruise ships in Split

Excursions on Cruise ships in Split

As you arrive into the harbor of Split you will behold a beautiful sight that will remain in your memory for a long time. The crystal blue water decorating the outskirts of the “Old Town”, reflecting the beautiful historic architecture and giving you a chance to take some amazing photographs whilst spending a day or several before venturing on with your voyage 🙂

Once you set foot in the town of Split you have a plethora of options to do. But the best place to start is to explore the “Old Town” where you will get a chance to see the “Diocletian’s Palace”. The palace having four main “Gates” or entrances which are called: Golden, Silver, Iron and Brass. If you were looking to explore this beautiful palace and learn more in depth knowledge there are plenty of tours that offer exactly that and more!

But if you came to Split, wanting to see what other interesting and beautiful things you can do and explore across Croatia, well, you will surely be surprised with the amount of interesting sights and things you can do. From exploring the old town, tasting Dalmatian cuisine, swimming and relaxing on the crystal clean beaches all the way to going on interesting tours. There’s not a chance you will get tired of this town! 🙂

Tours & Excursions whilst Cruising Split
Tours in Croatia are one of the most popular things we have to offer, from Blue Cave boat tours, Walking tours of the “Old Towns” to adrenalin thrill seeking tours like Zip-lining and Rafting. We have it all! It’s all a matter of choosing the right tour.

Excursions that get your blood pumping such as Zip-lining, Rafting and Sea Kayaking are a favourite among many. The adrenaline inducing tours making a perfect tour to do whilst on a relaxing cruise.

Whether it be going on a small boat tour to Blue Cave or spending a full day on the Blue Lagoon. Boat tours are one of the most relaxing tours you can experience whilst in Split.

After spending several days on the sea it’s always a breath of fresh air when you get to experience and explore nature. Whether it be Krka Waterfalls or Plitvice Lakes, they both offer much needed relaxation.

If you are curious about history and architecture, wanting to learn more about the towns of Croatia that are bustling with people you can’t go wrong with taking a Walking tour. Explore and learn about the Old Town’s of Croatia whilst admiring the architecture.

Summary of tours

Explorer tours: For those wanting to explore as the name implies, the ones striving to appreciate and enjoy nature among many other interesting things like hiking up mountains and visiting other towns that are rich with history it is a popular choice among many.

Adrenaline tours: The idea of hanging 150 meters above the ground with only a harness and cable separating you from the cold hard ground is a kind of crazy thought, the question “Who would ever do something so crazy?!” popping into many people’s minds along with “I wanna do it!”. The reality is that most people are looking for the rush of adrenaline that will make quite an exciting story to tell to their friends.

Boat tours: Sailing on a boat is a lovely thought, the calming waters plus the sea breeze during the summer providing a refreshing experience. Experience the sight of the Blue Cave’s crystal blue water, take a dip in the Blue Lagoon and go on a small boat tour around Hvar & Bol. Boat tours are always one of the greatest to do during the summer.

Walking tours: Whenever you are walking through the old historic walls of Split or Dubrovnik, you can never know all the stories and knowledge they possess so a walking tour of them is a great idea to learn more. Explore and learn about the interesting facts and stories the historic architecture holds, sightsee and admire the craftmanship of the old ways so you might return back home knowing just a tad bit more about Croatia.


Whether you are visiting Croatia for the first time or not we hope you found something that you might like in Split. The “Old Town” never sleeps as people just keep on coming and going through the city and hopefully they will keep coming to this beautiful historic city 🙂

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Excursions on Cruise ships in Split

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