What can I do in Split

What can I do in Split

Fear not that you are visiting Split for just one day, because there’s plenty of tours to take you on exciting adventures to please your daredevil heart.

What can I do in Split?
Go for the adrenaline rush of paddling down the beautiful rapids. Learn to jump off 5 meters high rocks, take a shower under a beautiful waterfall. Pass through a 40-meter-long cave and swim in the small lake with fascinating stalactites and stalagmites. Further downstream awaits you the “Island of Love” and its inhabitants, together with the most beautiful green river and the magnificent Cetina canyon.
For rafting in this section you do not need any previous rafting experience.

Stand up paddle Yoga
Using our love of outdoor and deep understanding of need for everyday balance of all things coming our way we created BLUE SEA YOGA CLASS.
Combining two amazing experiences in one tour, YOGA and PADDLE BOARDING, giving you the balance, flexibiltiy and stability with calming influence of the sea. No matter if you have a previous experience doing yoga our amazing team of instructors will guide you through stand up paddling warm up to yoga class in the best studio ever – Adriatic Sea. Our yoga classes are organized in small groups (up to 10 people). We also organize private classes on request.
Discover more about yourself and your abilities while surrounded by the calmness of the sea.

Deep water solo tour
Here in Dalmatia we are blessed to have who-knows-how-many locations for practicing this way of climbing since this is a country “with 1200 islands”. Interesting thing is that almost every island has vertical or overhanging cliffs on its south side.
Deep Water Solo (DWS) is becoming very popular in all parts of world so we have decided to introduce you with the truly unforgettable adventure.

How does the idea of hanging of a 150 meters high steel wire above the beautiful canyon of the river Cetina sounds like? And when I would tell you that during that you can reach the speed of 65 km per hour? Impressive, isn’t it?
Zipline is located 3 km from Omis, in the canyon of the Cetina River and consists of eight wires total length of 2100m. But that’s not the only zip-line location, the Kozjak mountain offers 6 zips total length of 2500 meters and one 90 meters suspension bridge through pine trees.

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What can I do in Split


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