Blue Lagoon half day tour from Split

Blue Lagoon Half day MAIN

Blue Lagoon half day tour from Split





01.05-31.05 & 01.10-31.10
Departing once a day

11:00 Departure from Split Riva
11:40 Free time in Blue Lagoon
13:40 Departure time
14:05 Arrival in Trogir, free time
15:35 Departure from Trogir
16:00 Arrival to Split

Morning departure

09:00 Departure from Split Riva
09:30 Arrival in Trogir, free time
10:55 Departure from Trogir
11:20 Free time in Blue Lagoon
13:20 Departure time
14:00 Arrival to Split

Afternoon departure
14:30 Departure from Split Riva
15:10 Free time in Blue Lagoon
17:10 Departure time
17:35 Arrival in Trogir, free time
19:00 Departure from Trogir
19:30 Arrival to Split

Price: 60€ / 450kn
Tour Duration: approx. 5 hours

• Hotel pick up and drop off (on request)
• Transfer by speedboat
• Professional skipper/guide
• Use of snorkeling equipment
• Use of windproof/waterproof jacket
• Drinks

• Lunch
• Gratuities

Safety first! In case of bad weather or rough sea conditions, we hold the right to change the route or cancel the tour, for benefit of all passengers. This decision is made by captain. In this case, you have the right to shift the tour for some other day, or get a full refund.

Tour Highlights
• Small group experience: benefit from a more personalized service
• Choose a morning or an afternoon departure according to your preferences
• Soak up the sun on our speedboat while admiring the view of the surrounding islands
• Visit the “Adriatic’s tropical paradise” – the Blue Lagoon
• Swim in the turquoise waters and explore the vibrant marine life by snorkeling
• Enjoy a walk through the UNESCO-protected city of Trogir

Half day blue lagoon explore & enjoy

Blue Lagoon half day tour from Split

Blue Lagoon
The Blue Lagoon is a snorkeler’s utopia featuring a a crystal clear sea with a sea floor made out of crushed sea shells mixed with sand which, under the sunlight, produces mesmerizing sea color. After exploring the seabed, turn onto your back and just float effortlessly as you observe the trio of islands that surround you.

On this tour you can explore historic city of Trogir. Admire one of the best-preserved examples of Romanesque-Gothic architecture in Central Europe by walking through the maze-like UNESCO World Heritage site, founded in the 3rd century.

Area surrounding the Blue Lagoon is a natural habitat of good dolphins and there is a chance that you will spot them on this tour. Keep your eyes open especially as we begin to approach the Blue Lagoon.

Tour description:

If you are visiting Croatia it would be a waste that you don’t visit the famous Blue Lagoon. The lagoon being a notable relaxing spot to swim and snorkel at, refreshing yourself during the Summer heat. But the Blue lagoon isn’t only good to swim in as the blue coloured water offers some pretty clear photo opportunities.

Come with us on this fun excursion to the Blue Lagoon from Split!
Placed between the two Krknjaši islands, this gorgeous lagoon is blessed with a clean sea, ideal for swimming and snorkeling.
As you depart back to the city of Split, discover the tiny but gorgeous UNESCO listed town Trogir.
We will drive the speedboat tour right on the main promenade of Trogir from where you can start sightseeing this town by entering the massive city walls.

About Split:

Split has been a staple for Croatia’s tourism, attracting more and more visitors due to it’s historical architecture, beautiful beaches and also for being the filming location for Game of Thrones. The city has boasted to be quite beautiful to explore whether alone or with family/friends.

The town has an active night life, the thumping of music being heard in certain parts as people enjoy a Saturday to it’s fullest. But for those that enjoy to stuff their face with great food during the day, there is a wide selection of restaurants that can satisfy anyone, ranging from traditional Dalmatian meals to worldwide recipes like Pizza.

Why you should visit Blue Lagoon:

Blue Lagoon is one of Croatia‘s most popular and beautiful locations to visit. The serene blue waters offer a sense of tranquility as you relax and swim in it, providing quite a wonderful experience that we urge you not to miss out on. Located between two Krknjaši islands, the Blue Lagoon is an ideal spot to spend a whole day on.

Blue Lagoon being a popular choice for friends/family to enjoy a whole day on. Swimming and snorkeling being great activities to do in this gorgeous location. There’s also a nearby village, “Maslinica” where you can grab a delicious bite to eat whilst basking in the sun during the day.

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What to do after?

Croatia is a country with various things you can get yourself up to. Anything from explorer tours by walking through National parks to adrenaline fueled adventure tours that will test your bravery. Enjoy the Vacation in Croatia, Split to its fullest. Don’t waste time, book a tour, rent a private transfer and choose an accommodation to stay at. There’s no limit to what you can get yourself up to after enjoying a half day Blue Lagoon tour from Split.

Some of the most notable tours being:



Rafting has always been the staple of any adventure tour for it’s simplicity. Experience the rush of paddling down river rapids as you take in the sights of the river Cetina. One of the most notable tours that are available from Split you will surely enjoy yourself. The tour takes place in town Omiš, on the river Cetina.



When you think of ziplining, most people shiver on the spot… whilst others jump at the opportunity. Enjoy the feeling of air rushing across your entire body as you zip down several ziplines, reaching quite fast travel speeds. Zipline is truly a tour to test your bravery; just fair warning that it isn’t a tour for anyone with a fear of heights.



Kayaking is one of those tours that many people don’t mention all that much. Being an adventure tour that is quite relaxing compared to others like Rafting and Zipline. The kayak experience will take you all around Marjan forest hill where you’ll get to appreciate the sight from sea level.

Enjoying your Vacation

Split has many other things you can get yourself up to apart from the various tours. Enjoy the archeological historical sights like the Diocletian Palace that makes up the heart of the city. Admire and walk around the fresh forest hill of Marjan, finding a nice location around it to take a dip in the crystal clear waters of Split. And you also have a couple of interesting old churches all around the Marjan forest hill, making up quite an interesting sight to behold.

There’s truly a whole lot that you can do whilst in this beautiful country that can’t show all of. Anything from tours, history, beaches and even food that make Split a great location to visit. Enjoy delicious Croatian cuisine in one of several restaurants that we are sure you will enjoy like: Konoba Kod Joze, Pizzeria Gušt, Bakra Steak & Pizza bar, etc.

Take a walk around the town and visit some of the monuments Split has. Make a wish at the famous statue of a Croatian bishop named “Grgur Ninski” or take a walk through the main prominence of Split called “Riva“. There’s really no shortage of things to do during your time in Croatia. So go ahead, walk, explore or go on an exciting tour from Split! Don’t let your Vacation in Croatia go to waste.

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Blue Lagoon half day tour from Split